All arithmetical and logical procedures within a computer/server configuration are handled by its Central Processing Unit, or CPU. This hardware component is sometimes called the "brains" of the PC too. The rate at which the CPU carries out system instructions is commonly referred to as its speed and it's measured in Hertz. The speedier the processing unit is, the more quickly scripts and web applications will be executed, although the general performance of the latter depends upon other things as well - the read/write speed of the hard drive, the amount of physical memory, the network connection, and so forth. All current CPUs have numerous cores, which work together. Subsequently, the functionality and the workload that a CPU can tackle increase, since every core can process a number of tasks separately and numerous cores can handle one task which can't be processed by one core.

CPU Share in VPS Web Hosting

If you decide to host your websites on a virtual private server from our company, you'll be able to choose from a variety of packages which provide different resources, including the CPU share that'll be assigned to the new account. This way, you can pick a package which will be well suited for your Internet sites with regard to both the resources and the monthly fee you'll pay for them. We use extremely effective physical servers with multi-core processors running at 3.0+ GHz, so the CPU quota that you will get will be guaranteed at all times, considering that we set up only several virtual servers on the physical machines. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade your package in the future as much as you need, without the need to worry that there won't be enough resources on the web server. This type of an upgrade will take no more than two clicks from your billing CP.

CPU Share in Dedicated Servers Hosting

Our dedicated server plans provide various hardware configurations, thus, depending on what you need the hosting server for and on your budget, you can find the right one for you. Apart from the different RAM and disk space allocations, each and every package deal includes different CPU shares as well. The CPUs that we offer you have 2-12 cores, so you are able to select the package deal that'll suit your needs best. With the most powerful package deal, each and every application which you run on the web server shall run extremely fast regardless of the resources it needs and irrespective of how many people are using it concurrently, but even the lower-end package deals are good enough for most types of sites. The functionality of the CPUs is examined alongside all the other hardware elements, so as to make sure that the web server that we'll hand over to you will work faultlessly and at maximum capacity all the time.