When you acquire a server with the purpose to start your very own hosting company and to resell packages to other people, you may as well need to sell domain names, in order to give your customers the opportunity to purchase everything they need for their new Internet site from a single place. To become a licensed registrar involves thousands of dollars as well as a lot of documentation, so the most effective solution would be to sign up for a domain reseller account with an existing registrar company. Your reseller site will be connected to that account by using the registrar's API. Using this type of account has more than a few pros - your customers are able to obtain and to manage new domain names without difficulty; the price for a new registration will be lower when compared to what you would have to spend as an end customer; what's more you're able to start reselling without delay. The registrar businesses which offer domain reseller accounts in most cases ask for an amount of money as a deposit.

Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in VPS Web Hosting

We provide an absolutely free domain reseller account for all the Linux VPS web hosting packages ordered with the cPanel website hosting Control Panel, so you'll find everything you need to start your individual website hosting reseller business and will be able to provide both hosting space and domains for your customers. Your account is created with eNom, one of the leading registrars out there. They support many generic and country-code domain extensions, which you can also offer to your customers. You will be able to take full advantage of the fact that your account will be a part of ours, because a domain registration or a renewal will cost a lot less. We will set up the account free of charge and you can easily integrate it with virtually any billing platform that you plan to use, for instance the ClientExec platform, that we supply totally free with all of the cPanel-based VPS plans as well.

Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in Dedicated Servers Hosting

If you buy a dedicated server through our company with the idea to start reselling your space, you will have an advantage over your rivals, as we give a free of cost domain reseller account with all the servers which are acquired with the cPanel website hosting Control Panel. In this way, you'll be able to supply more than one hundred domain extensions from around the world, that will make your company more attractive to potential clients. The account that we'll supply you with will be with one of the most popular registrars that you can find - eNom. The advantage of using it instead of signing up directly with them or with some other domain name supplier is the fact that your account is created under our own account with them, and as we use their top package, you won't be required to make any deposits and you will have the opportunity to register new website names at the cheapest possible price. The eNom account can be integrated with all the popular reseller billing solutions, including ClientExec, that we provide for free with all cPanel-equipped servers as well.